2008.08.02 Old Timers Game Roll Call

Bleacher Creature Roll Call during Old Timers Game. Featuring Ricky, Dave Winfield, Paulie, Tino, Willie, Bucky and Wade Boggs.

2008.07.15 All Star Game Roll Call

Bald Vinny leads the Bleacher Creatures Roll Call during the All-Star Game. Featuring Derek Jeter, Arod, Bobby Mercer, Box Seats Suck and Boston Sucks.

2008.06.27 Subway Series Roll Call

Bleacher Creature Roll Call from Section 39. Yankees vs Mets. Yankees lose 6-15. Featuring Melky, Justin Christian, Bobby, Wilson, Robinson, Derek Jeter, Arod, No Fun Allowed and Willie Randolph.

2006.06.06 Gang Bang Song

Gang Bang Steve leads the Bleacher Creatures in the Gang Bang Song.  Featuring Eisenhower, Yurin, Bernie Williams, Leana, Gladiator, Disco, Box Seat Jerk-Offs and Stupid Asshole Red Sox Fans…

2006.05.09 Roast Rabbit

Bald Ray doing the We’re-Gonna-Have-Roast-Rabbit Dance.  Bugs Bunny for those not in the know.

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